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For disinfecting surfaces
Environmentally friendly & without chemicals

Hydrogen hypochlorite

Electrically activated water
Much stronger than chlorine
Virus cannot reproduce anymore

Hydrogen peroxide

Strong oxidizing agent
Breaks down to water and oxygen


Ozone activated water
Oxygen as a strong oxidizing agent
Residual product = oxygen

Oxygen does not want to be alone

Chemistry teaches that one oxygen atom does not / cannot be alone. It will always look up other atoms to form at least a pair. Hence, the oxygen molecule consists of two oxygen atoms (O2). This reactive property ensures that a single oxygen atom is always looking for a compound and in this process it can be very oxidizing. This oxidation has a destructive effect on the cell walls and DNA of viruses and bacteria. The disinfecting effect is many times stronger than, for example, alcohol and chlorine. When applied correctly, disinfectants using this principle are completely safe; because no harmful waste is produced as a by-product.

Think new, Think different, Think WATER

Water is the natural, neutral and safe cleaner. Rather than using chemical additives, Exinfect believes it is better to make full use of the water's potential. By making the right natural combinations, higher disinfection values are achieved with water than the usual chemical disinfectants.

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Would you also like to know how you can use unprecedentedly powerful disinfectants from natural resources in an environmentally friendly way? Exinfect is happy to be your partner.