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We are Exinfect

Welcome! We are

With a knowledgeable and motivated team, we are committed to serving our customers in the best possible way in the fight against viruses, pathogens and very serious pollution.
In all our business processes, our decisions rest on the following 3 pillars:

  • Safe
  • Health
  • Environmentally friendly

This means that we are extremely interested in innovative working methods, materials, products and raw materials.
In some cases, we have to go to the drawing board for this or we call in experts who help us to achieve the best realization of our ideas. This makes us quite flexible in the solutions we offer. We not only offer what we already have on stage, but also like to listen to what you are looking for and will try to achieve exactly that.

So… in all humility, Exinfect is perhaps the best partner for a safe, disinfected and clean working and living environment.

do you want to know more about:
- how automatic disinfection can be used for you?
- how to reduce the use of chemicals in cleaning?
- how exinfect removes extreme pollution and oil stains?

Feel free to contact us.

Team Exinfect