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Strong together | Share your thoughts and knowledge


Who holds the wisdom?
A nice saying to remind us that there is much more knowledge to be gained outside of our own bubble. Especially in times where we are faced with new living conditions and situations that have no precedent. That is why we invite you to share your knowledge, thoughts and opinion with us. Your article will be placed on our page under your own name and shared on our social media channels.
The goal is to enter into a constructive conversation with each other. Anyone can submit articles and our team will assess them against, among other things, the criteria listed below and make a publication decision.

What must your article meet?

  • Up to 5000 characters
  • Article must be cleaning and disinfection related, related new developments and their effects on society and companies.
  • Negative can be named, but article must be constructive
  • When you make a factual statement, make sure you have checked the facts
  • Keep it neat; no discriminating, inflammatory and obscene thoughts

Do not hesitate to share your opinion with us, we look forward ...!

Team Exinfect