Do you also find it annoying or difficult to dilute a solution with a certain percentage of active ingredient to a lower percentage? A 50% dilution will work. But sometimes it is necessary to go from 15% to 8.2%, then it becomes a bit more difficult.

 The formula

Of course there is a formula to find the right ratio:

from 15% to 8.2%

15% = 15 parts of 100 = Start Solution
You want 8.2% = 8.2 parts out of 100 = Final solution
8,2/15 = 0,546%
So of the (new) 100, 55% must be 15%

If 1 liter has to be made, this is still manageable… but if it has to be 7.3 liters, it becomes less fun. 

 Solutions Dilution Tool

It is not strange for us to receive questions about how to dilute a product and how to get from 12.5% to a solution that only contains 10 mg/l or a certain amount of ppm of active ingredient.
We have devised a simple but very handy Tool for this. The Tool displays the following data:
> % | gr/l | mg/l | ppm | l | ml <

The Tool asks to enter 3 data and everything else is calculated automatically:
1) Percentage Start/Basic Product
2) Desired percentage / Use solution
3) Desired amount of use solution (amount of liters to be produced)

The Tool is free to use for everyone. Do you find it useful yourself? Share it on your channels so others can use it too. we appreciate!

Keep in mind that you are and will remain responsible if you decide to use this tool. For liquids with a different specific gravity (much heavier than water) such as phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid, the gr/l, mg/l and ppm will no longer be displayed correctly (disclaimer!). The required amount (ml / l) will indicate the correct value.

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