exinpro Cleaning vinegar 10% | 5L

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Natural acidic cleaning agent for descaling, refreshing, degreasing, removing green deposits and mould. High percentage! 10% acetic acid.

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Bathroom: regularly clean tiles, tub, mirrors and faucets with a diluted solution of cleaning vinegar at a ratio of 7% to water.
For limescale and deposits on teapots, pans, shower heads and taps; Soak for 6-8 hours in a diluted solution of 7% cleaning vinegar with water. Always rinse well with clean water.
> Coffee maker : Consult instructions for use beforehand. Use a diluted solution of cleaning vinegar at a ratio of 5% with water. Switch the coffee maker on and leave and switch it off when half is finished, wait 15 min and switch it on again. Flush the coffee maker twice with clean water before using it again.
> Home and Garden: Removing green deposits on tiles, concrete and garden furniture. Use a diluted solution of cleaning vinegar in a ratio of 8 – 10% with water (only use on paved surfaces and not directly on the ground)
> Neutralizing animal urine odor: First clean the area with, for example, “Natural brown soap” or “Biotex”, rinse it with clean water and then spray it with a dilution of Exinpro Cleaning Vinegar 10%.
Use a final solution of 4-5%. Then rinse once more with clean water.

!!!Never use acidic agents on marble!!! Check in advance on a part that is not visible.


Exinfect Solutions Dilution Tool 

Helps calculate the proportions and quantities


Keep in mind that you are and remain responsible if you decide to use this tool. For liquids with a different specific weight (much heavier than water) such as phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid, the gr/l, mg/l and ppm will no longer be displayed correctly. (disclaimer!). The required amount (ml / l) will indicate the correct value.

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