SORB®XT 5L | Multi Absorption Fiber

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New Generation Absorption Fiber | 100% harmless to the environment | can also be used on water
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© Exinfect BV

© Exinfect BV


Multi Absorption fiber: Completely organic fiber that weighs almost nothing but has an extremely high absorption capacity. The weight to be discharged consists almost entirely of the absorbed pollution. Product does not absorb water and is therefore perfect for removing pollution in, on or mixed with water. Can be used on solid ground and water.

  • Chemical emulsions, 100% absorbent of, among other things, alcohol, chemical pesticides, polymer, organic solvents, white spirit, ether
  • Fuels, 100% absorbent of petrol, diesel, kerosene, marine diesels and fuels.
  • Oil and lubricants, 100% absorbent of hydraulic oil, lubricants, petroleum, paraffin, heating oil, minerals, crude oil
  • Paint and other, 100% absorbent of, among other things, coolants, blood, brake fluid, paint, de-icing fluid, dyes, extinguishing foam

> Use: Extremely simple to use, no waiting times for absorbing. Sprinkle fiber on contamination, mix contamination with fiber and remove the resulting mass.
> Other: SORB®XT has an unlimited shelf life, with a shelf life guarantee of 5 years from the manufacturer. fiber is 100% harmless to the environment and does not irritate.

This product is economical to use and has an extremely long shelf life!

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Weight 0,75 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 cm


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