SORB®XT | Stain Solution Pro

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SORB®XT | Stain Solution Pro |  Biologisch afbreekbaar en pH-neutraal | Nieuwe generatie olievlekken verwijderaar en reiniger.
Extremely powerful concentrated cleaner to clean absorbed oil and grease stains from stone and concrete. Although it is a very powerful product, it is safe to use on almost all surfaces. The product is not aggressive on the skin and does not cause blisters as with many professional alkaline cleaning products. Economical and safe to use.

NSF certified!

© Exinfect BV

© Exinfect BV

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Oil stain remover and cleaner: Stain Solution Pro from SORB®XT is a Nature-friendly, biodegradable, pH-neutral cleaner for oil and fuel stains on various surfaces such as: concrete, stone, natural stone, asphalt, plastics, metal, stainless steel, aluminum and glass. Safe for SOAB asphalt | Absolutely not aggressive on skin
> Use: Apply 1:1 diluted with water to the stains by means of a a low pressure sprayer, brush in and let it act for 3-5 minutes (do not let it dry, if necessary add a little bit of Stain Solution Pro), add (warm) water and brush in again, let the water sit for 20 minutes, suck up water, rinse and let it dry. Cleaning round can be repeated for deeply absorbed stains.
Always work on a dry surface in case of absorbed stains, so that the cleaning agent can penetrate into the surface. The faster the cleaning process is started, with oil on or in concrete, the better the result.
> Consumption: With 1L Stain solution Pro you can treat 6-10 m², depending on the porosity and roughness of the surface.
> Other: Stain Solution Pro, can be diluted, up to 1:20, to completely clean dirty and greasy surfaces and to remove grease and oil.
> Applicable: In residential environments (residential concrete, wood, glass, etc.), garages, calamities on roads and industry.
When you purchase this product from Exinfect, you will receive free product support where necessary during use, in order to achieve the maximum cleaning result. Contact us by mail or telephone.

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