Hydrogen peroxide 12% | 10L

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H2O2 | Oxygen water | Hydrogen peroxide is water with an extra oxygen atom. This extra atom is constantly looking for other atoms to bond with. This makes Hydrogen Peroxide extremely oxidizing. This oxidizing effect has a destructive effect on bacteria and viruses, rendering them harmless.
– Disinfection of air and surfaces
– Against bacteria (excl. Mycobacteria and bacterial spores), yeasts and fungi on surfaces
– For the cultivation of agricultural and horticultural crops
– Empty greenhouses, department stores and storage areas
– Animal shelters
– Piping systems in industry, but with the exception of drinking water systems.

> Kwaliteit:
We regularly test the hydrogen peroxide content (%) of the outgoing products. So that you can be sure that the delivered product is not of inferior quality.

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> Cleaning: First thoroughly clean all surfaces to be disinfected and remove the used detergent.
> Disinfecting Spaces: When disinfecting areas by means of mechanical (wet) misting (fogging), use correct respiratory protection that offers sufficient protection against aerosols. After sufficient atomization of the room, the room should be aired until the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is less than 125 mg/m3 (0.86 ppm). Depending on the supply of fresh air, aeration can take 0.5 to 2 hours.
For dry fogging, a solution of 7.9% hydrogen peroxide in distilled water can be used. With dry fogging, both the air and all surfaces are disinfected. After carrying out the work, an exposure time of 0.5 hours must be observed, after which the room can be entered.
> Disinfecting surfaces: When disinfecting surfaces such as tables and doorknobs, the surfaces can be treated with a disinfection sprayer (fogger), low-pressure pump or a spray bottle. The contact time is at least 90 seconds. The treated surfaces can be air-dried or wiped with clean microfiber cloths.


Exinfect Solutions Dilution Tool 

Helps calculate the proportions and quantities


Keep in mind that you are and remain responsible if you decide to use this tool. For liquids with a different specific weight (much heavier than water) such as phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid, the gr/l, mg/l and ppm will no longer be displayed correctly. (disclaimer!). The required amount (ml / l) will indicate the correct value.

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Weight 10 kg
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